We harvested plenty rice from our farm this year - Boakai

“Before the WABICC/SCNL/VADEMCO project, my family and myself used to plant rice upland; we broadcast the rice on the field), but after all the hard work, we don’t get plenty rice to eat. Now this project has made me to learn new thing about how to grow rice in the low land (swamp). We learn how to layout the field, make way for the water to move and the grass from the rice. So now we harvested plenty rice from our farm this years”. So I say thank you yaaaa, VADEMCO.
  • Boakai Kamara | 32 Years | Grand Cape Mount County

Now, I know how to prune and treat diseases on my cocoa - moses

"When my father died five years ago, he left his cocoa farm behind. First, we used to underbrush the cocoa farm one time a year sometime we do not even brush the farm. We never use to cut the bad branches from the cocoa on the farm. Every year when we harvest our cocoa farm, we do not realize plenty money. Since we started working with WABiCC last year in August 2018 WABICC.SCNL/VADEMCO came in our community to train us in the farmer field school, we have underbrush and prune the cocoa trees in the farm. This training is the first of its kind in the history of our community. Kwee/civilized people call the training farmer field school. Now I know how to prune and treat diseases on my cocoa. I know I will get plenty cocoa from my farm the I pick my cocoa again. A big thank you to WABICC/SCNL/VADEMCO family for helping our people to learn more about cocoa farming."
  • Moses Dugba | 44 Years | Kawelahun Community Cocoa Farmer