VADEMCO meets with nuts producers

Vainga Agriculture Development and Management Consultancy (VADEMCO) is an agribusiness /Service Provider entity that is legally registered under the Business Act of the Republic of Liberia. It is 100 % Liberian owned. It was established in 1999 to cater to the needs of smallholder farmers with the aim of transforming the smallholder subsistence farming into a smallholder commercial enterprise farming system in a sustainable and environmental friendly manner.

VADEMCO is envisaged to step in and fill the gap of agriculture extension services provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in providing technical and extension services to smallholders’ producers using the Agriculture Value Chain Development (VCD) approach in the transformation process. These services are in the form of training, coaching, technical assistance including production best practices, post-harvest handling, processing (value addition), packaging and marketing VADEMCO, Inc. has strong income generating program such as assorted food processing, commercial tree crop nursery, Farmer Field School (FFS), Tree crop Farm Revitalization services, Contract Farming etc. Presently, it operates in four Counties- Bong, Gbarpolu, Grand Cape Mount, and Lofa.

A team of core professional agriculturists (agronomists, Agribusiness specialist, General Agriculturists, Livelihood specialist, etc.) and Financial Specialist manage VADEMCO, Inc. with long years of both Country and international experiences.

VADEMCO, Inc. and your contact Agro-input suppliers have similar aims and goal which is to improve the agricultural development through high production and productivity along with Value Chain Development (VCD) approach and market linkages.

VADEMCO's CEO examines cocoa farm

Mission Statement

Empowering smallholder farmers through their production groups thereby transforming their farming system to commercial farming enterprise system for higher production and processing high quality products hereby improving their agriculture business skills (farming as business) and thereby linking to profitable and reliable markets

Vision Statement

Transforming smallholder subsistence farming system to smallholder commercial farming system thereby developing agriculture enterprise system in sustainable, profitable and environmental friendly manner.

Core value

* Build the capacity of smallholder farmers thereby using good agriculture practices (GAP) to improve and expand their farming system * Build the production, processing and marketing capacities of cocoa and food crop farmers * Improve the quality of Liberia cocoa to meet international standards for export; and * Expand the export potential of Liberian cocoa to the international markets

area of intervention

Smallholder capacity building through training using Farmers Field School (FFS) module, participatory approach in adult education and extensive services

Technical assistant to small holder farmers

Provision of valuable and quality planting materials including seeds and seedlings

We link our clients to profitable and valuable market

Establishment and management of individual farm

Farmland acquisition and documentation

Innovative technology for high cocoa quality drying process using solar dryer.

Baseline studies and research

Certification codes in-Country Training ( working toward)

Contract farming and commodities supply (Supermarket, Roadside Stands and Supermarket front stand)

VADEMCO, Inc. presently operates in eight Counties in Liberia-Bong, Lofa, Grand Cape Mount, Gbarpolu, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, and Sinoe Counties with high anticipation of working throughout Liberia.